My name is Daniel Snell, I am a full stack marketer looking for promising opportunities to work with technology focused startups in both B2B and B2C.

Just another Full-Stack Marketer, here to help!


My playbook has been built and tested using the lean marketing funnel.


Lean Marketing Is A Way Of Life.



Completed Product and Overdue on Growth? I can help with that.

I enjoy working with founding teams with great products that need growth to sustain. It's what I do best. 

Whether your looking for a head of growth, or product marketing manager to help find bottlenecks to improve retention and activation, I am your guy.

Stop Guessing...

I never guess about your growth or goals, I know exactly what it will take in order to hit your revenue, user, and retention goals based on your current analytics, therefore, I engineer the results you want.

My Core Areas Of Focus

Being a full-stack marketer requires a unique combination of technical expertise among search, social, development, conversion rate optimization, and analytics in order to be truly successful.

Tactical Distributors

I focus on building long term partnerships, so that your growth never becomes stagnant.

David Bingham

"I have learned so much from Daniel, that it sometimes overwhelms me on how people live without someone of the same skillset."

Recent Happy Clients

"Daniel provided so much value to each and every department within the company and built a standard beyond expectations for quality, risk management, and growth."

Jerry Sills

Salem Media, LLC






Want to learn more about me?

Feel free to schedule a time to speak with me, or read my blog on Medium by clicking the link below! I am looking forward to helping with anything and everything growth related that you need. 



Daniel R. Snell.

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